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Date:   17.04.2006 at 13:45:38
Name:   Alena
message contents:   you have very nice guestbook and website

Date:   25.03.2006 at 09:22:57
Name:   Deb - Premier Allstars
message contents:   Cool Website D

Date:   20.03.2006 at 22:47:45
Name:   Free Kid Game
message contents:   I wandered into site from a google and enjoyed.

Date:   07.01.2006 at 18:04:19
Name:   Allan
message contents:   Hey Heather! Pics Look Good. Hope all is well. Pitty we lost Touch, If u still got my Number drop your Mr Cruise a we txt! x

Date:   11.11.2005 at 19:10:51
Name:   Emma MacLeod
message contents:   Just wanted to say hi to claire M. Lokks like u have sum admirers. hehe see u later chick x x x x

Date:   01.11.2005 at 15:20:57
Name:   kerry
message contents:   hey heather i just want 2 say hi .u look really great in they pics.u look totally different in them as when u come 2 teach us at rosshall academy

Date:   04.07.2005 at 22:37:00
Name:   alison
message contents:   wow you guys are brilliant. i want to say a big hi to pamela who is one of your cheerleaders and i know her because she teaches me cheerleading at Coatbridge High School. bye x x

Date:   14.05.2005 at 23:45:54
Name:   Lucy
message contents:   hiya im a member of stardust majorettes! i have always dreamed of bein a cheerleader but the closest i can get is a majorette! if u wanna c our website visit have fun xoxo

Date:   05.05.2005 at 13:31:33
Name:   Polly
message contents:   Wow...i'm definately a newly converted fan

Date:   03.04.2005 at 00:23:13
Name:   Karly
message contents:   You guys are great!

Date:   05.02.2005 at 13:44:40
Name:   Peter {STITCH} Clancy
message contents:   Great site hope it will keep on going with the Cheeries in their new format.

Date:   24.01.2005 at 16:25:46
Name:   mark tobin
message contents:   just keep going girls i love all the moves xxx

Date:   29.08.2004 at 22:09:35
Name:   Lisa Dickson
message contents:   i am a minimores pupil and i really enjoy it. i think the dances are amazing my two best teachers are dominique and kelly r but i like them all. XXXXXXXLisaXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Date:   13.06.2004 at 19:47:12
Name:   steven
message contents:   just like to say all you cheerleaders are stunning love the pics. Just want to ask if kerry is single. Shes especially cute p.s like the dark hair

Date:   02.06.2004 at 18:09:25
Name:   Christopher Vondenhuevel
message contents:   if any of the cute cheerleaders are single, u can email me. thank u!

Date:   30.04.2004 at 20:10:52
Name:   ex starlets lyndsay and gillian
message contents:   hiya dom we think ur pics are gr8. we miss the starlets luv ya xxxx

Date:   29.04.2004 at 18:54:43
Name:   tracy simpson
message contents:   hiya claire d you are the best see u on sunday

Date:   01.04.2004 at 20:39:59
Name:   Danielle
message contents:   Hi cheerleaders i think u r great i have never be to a game but i am maybe coming to your next game at Hamden i am soooooooooooooo! to seeing Heather.Claire,kelly M,and the rest of the group i am your biggest fan oh! AND GOOD LUCK BYEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Date:   23.03.2004 at 13:04:05
Name:   Julia
message contents:   Hello! Iím a cheerleader from Russia. Our Regional Assosiation organizes the camp this summer for cheerleaders from Russia and Europe! We want to invite your teams and instructors here. The camp will take place in august. The period is 18 days. The price is 250 Euro without flying here. If youíre interested, e-mail me to have more details and pictures. Regards. Julia

Date:   18.03.2004 at 00:30:58
message contents:   The girls are all lovely, but Lisa F is stunning.

Date:   01.01.2004 at 17:29:32
Name:   Romanotti
message contents:   Great NFL Wallpaper Site !!

Date:   12.12.2003 at 14:01:47
Name:   mambo no5
message contents:   i think emma l is a pure babe she is stunning i would like to see more pictures of her on the site. i think claire m is very cute she looks like a barbie doll but resembles a good lookalike of jennifer ellison mwoah

Date:   12.12.2003 at 14:06:18
Name:   sean
message contents:   i think kylie is fantastic looking she really stands out from the rest of them that picture of her with the wee pink top my god she is unbelieveable. Here is a big xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for you

Date:   10.12.2003 at 15:18:08
Name:   Johnny 5
message contents:   This years squad have to be the nicest looking squad yet! They all look stunning! Cant wait to see them out n about. Get them shown off a bit more!!!!

Date:   08.10.2003 at 16:50:16
Name:   Scott
message contents:   i love the cheerleaders but why no other photos? i was at world bowl and there is no pictures of it...why??

Date:   13.08.2003 at 01:21:40
Name:   lucy mc neice
message contents:   i think claire is love so is laure -jane i think this web site is great

Date:   22.07.2003 at 13:32:47
Name:   mugu
message contents:   good web site

Date:   20.07.2003 at 00:23:02
Name:   Lauren
message contents:   Hi I live in Edinburgh but am really upset as there is no squad here. I really like dancing and cheerleading. Im 14 years old. PLease help me! (Admin reply: Hi Lauren, I've passed your request on to someone I know in Edinburgh who should be able to help you. It's also worth checking the ScotCheer website ( to find local squads. Hope this helps.)

Date:   18.06.2003 at 11:55:34
Name:   Dave
message contents:   nice site mate, how about some more pics of Lesley? she is fit. cheers

Date:   16.06.2003 at 15:35:49
Name:   David Logan
message contents:   Kelly M is a babe

Date:   15.06.2003 at 10:36:18
Name:   jessi!
message contents:   hiya everyone! i'm a cheerleader from troon ayrshire and our coach(lorna boyce/kettles) was in the claymores for 6 yrs a fink! does anyone know of her?!?!? write bac! well done at the world bowl yesterday!!! luv jessi xxxxxxxxxxxx

Date:   08.06.2003 at 02:10:36
Name:   Rhym
message contents:   Very nice show yesterday @ the match Scotland vs. Germany hot hot hot =P greetz a german supporter^^

Date:   20.05.2003 at 13:03:29
Name:   anon
message contents:   Hi, can you please put more pics up of the absolutely stunning Stephanie.

Date:   05.05.2003 at 12:13:30
Name:   Andrew
message contents:   Any chance of some new pics of Claire M? With her long dark wavey hair she is the one I can always pick out no matter how far away she is. Great smile too, really looks as is she is enjoying herself, even in the rain last Sunday 4 May. (Admin Reply: Sorry Andrew, I was only at the game yesterday until half-time as I had other commitments so I didn't get any new photos of Claire. I shall try to get some at the next game.)

Date:   25.04.2003 at 21:59:17
Name:   sandra
message contents:   please yous i want to be a cheerleader so would you make me a cheerleader?thank you (Admin reply: Hi Sandra. The best places for you to find out more are the ScotCheer website at and the British Cheerleading Association at where you can find out about classes in your area)

Date:   25.04.2003 at 21:04:19
Name:   Emma n Sarah
message contents:   hi we r the dalkeith high cheerleaders n we heard that u were maybe sponsorin squads for new uniforms or jus sponsorin them. r u lookin for junior claymores also? wb plz emma n sarah xxxxxxxxxx ps U r Gr8, kEeP uP tHe GoOd WoRk!!!! (Admin reply: Hi, the best person to ask about this would be Debbie Jackson at the Claymores. You can e-mail her at

Date:   26.03.2003 at 19:42:16
Name:   Mazzie
message contents:   hi ppl! i am 12 and i really want to start cheerleading but i have neva done cheerleading before.Does anyone know where i would be able to start.I live in edinburgh PLZ help me if know anything.XxMhairixX. Admin reply: Hi Mhairi, I've passed your details onto someone in Edinburgh who can help you. Good luck! :-)

Date:   23.03.2003 at 05:00:43
Name:   Mattias
message contents:   Very nice page...many beautiful girls....=) have a good time

Date:   02.02.2003 at 10:02:31
Name:   Cheer Bob
message contents:   Hi There Great site. My all time favorite...Kelly McAlinden. See you in Glasgow

Date:   14.01.2003 at 22:18:24
Name:   Brian
message contents:   mmmz I am lookin forward to the worldbowl show this year. you got some fine cheerleaders To the Top GO ADMIRALS GO.

Date:   12.01.2003 at 10:56:30
Name:   R Kelly
message contents:   Just like you said i saw Jackie on the weakest Link a few weeks ago. Also yesterday on Sky Sports show Soccer AM Linda Forsyth appeared as a soccerette. She mentioned she was a cheerleader for the Claymores and gave them a demo just to show they are the number one cheer squad in europe. Admin reply: You can see Linda's Soccerette video on the Sky Sports website - go to,,15150-1061166,00.html and click the video link for week 22 :-)

Date:   11.11.2002 at 22:55:07
Name:   keith briggs
message contents:   great site! the pictures are amazing! i love everyone of you cheerleaders! keep up the good work! i met alana gilles on hol last year and shes a wonderfull gal!this is to her "oiy oiy squire!" (she'l know what im going on about!)

Date:   02.11.2002 at 21:36:18
Name:   steve
message contents:   exclusive images will be appearing soon on 2003 squad pic already there...

Date:   28.10.2002 at 10:33:53
Name:   Darroch
message contents:   This next season is our chance to show everyone what the scottish are made of, i know that the girls will not let us down, so if the team does, the guys will make the stadium happy. Girls, you are part of us, part of the country that we love, Scotland.

Date:   24.10.2002 at 15:30:06
Name:   Curtis McMahon
message contents:   great site , excellent squad, I thought we had bodacious ladies on the squads here in the U.S Go CLaymores !! curtis, Nashville Tn , USA

Date:   21.10.2002 at 18:00:17
Name:   Douglas Mckelvie
message contents:   KAREN LOOKS GREAT.

Date:   17.10.2002 at 12:07:46
Name:   Abbie
message contents:   who's gillian allen??

Date:   09.10.2002 at 20:04:31
Name:   TJ
message contents:   Wonderfull site, Gorgeous girls, what more can you ask for?? Where's Gillian Allen on the web site? and why cant you list events and promotions that you go to so your fans can see you?? EXCEPT at the games which I go to!! Cheers,

Date:   11.09.2002 at 09:27:43
Name:   Darroch
message contents:   This site is class, i have been following the Claymore cheerleaders for about 4 years now at all matches, and they are better than most american squads and therefore i like them. Good Luck with the upcoming season.

Date:   22.08.2002 at 16:35:49
Name:   Andy Dalziell
message contents:   Great web site, gives the fans plenty of things to view. However, as the boyfriend of an ex-cheerleader (Claire banks) it gives her a chance to keep up to date with the latest happenings, and gives her contact with her friends. Well done!

Date:   21.08.2002 at 07:29:23
Name:   Richard Kelly
message contents:   Hi, was reading todays Sun(Wednesday 21st Aug 2002). When i got to page 15 which was all about the Pop Idol Glasgow auditions i found that one of of our very own cheerleaders took part. Who was she? Well it was none other than Stephanie Goudie. I wonder if any other cheerleader took part.

Date:   24.06.2002 at 19:14:05
Name:   steven,giannandrea
message contents:   I would like to thank the cheerleaders for their support in germany and thank kelly roy for her support for the grangemouth broncos.

Date:   21.06.2002 at 08:11:08
Name:   Donnie Murdoh
message contents:   Great site. When will the order photo's be available? (Admin reply: I'm off work next week, so I'll be working on an order page then)

Date:   17.06.2002 at 00:52:45
Name:   Topper
message contents:   If you ever want to visit Scotland then you tourist should come during April-June and see Scotland's most beautiful sites and jewels.

Date:   03.06.2002 at 20:23:30
Name:   jim mcginn
message contents:   lookin good jenny, my how you have grown up, ha, ha.

Date:   31.05.2002 at 13:46:32
Name:   sarah
message contents:   Hi I want to be a claymore cheerleader but I do not know how old you can be to get in to it, could you please tell me. Thanx (Admin reply: You have to be 18 to be a member of the senior squad. Contact Debbie Jackson at the Claymores for more information, e-mail address:

Date:   24.05.2002 at 23:29:24
Name:   Chris
message contents:   No phone numbers :( well put a good word in for me then ;) you probably wont but anyways i will be at the game on sunday. I go for the football, stay for the cheerleaders.

Date:   23.05.2002 at 19:26:39
Name:   Chris
message contents:   Any chance of getting me Emma Lairds phone number?? Shes amazing...thats all for now (Admin reply: No chance of phone numbers I'm afraid! But I'll get some more photos at this Sunday's game for you!)

Date:   21.05.2002 at 05:46:03
Name:   Richard Kelly
message contents:   Great website. Totally love it. Hope to see more and more each season.

Date:   18.05.2002 at 19:23:30
Name:   ROB
message contents:   Great site great pics great to hear about link to the broncos. you girls make scotland look great Rob

Date:   14.05.2002 at 22:16:48
Name:   sarah
message contents:   hiya all wot ya all up 2? asl? luv sarah

Date:   13.05.2002 at 12:22:33
Name:   scott mills
message contents:   alright ppl howz it going what every one what up to am off bye